Controlling and watching your blood sugars this Easter weekend is important if you have diabetes, and it doesn’t help that the likelihood of more chocolate being around is high.

Therefore, here we have a condensed guide on the best low carb and low sugar friendly Easter eggs. After looking online and across supermarkets there are only a handful of 85%+ cocoa, dark chocolate Easter eggs. Unfortunately, the selection is limited, but they do exist!

However, if you are interested in alternatives to chocolate this Easter, you will welcome the arrival of the first cheese Easter egg. Yes, you read correctly, cheese Easter eggs are now available in Asda.

Whether chocolate or cheese is your preference, here are the diabetes friendlier eggs worthy of pursuing this Easter.

Absolute Black, 100% Cocoa Button Egg

New for Easter 2018, this Montezumas Easter egg is available for £9.99. The egg is 100% cocoa solids with 100% cocoa nibs and is vegan friendly.

MegaDark 85% Chocolate Easter Egg

This 85% single origin dark chocolate from Chococo is very low sugar and is suitable for vegans, costing £18.00.

Hard Boiled Dark Chocolate Egg

Hotel Chocolat’s Hard Boiled Dark Chocolate Egg is available for £16.00. This 100% dark chocolate egg, with raisins and almonds and 100% dark praline coated hazelnuts, it is also suitable for vegans.

Blacksticks Cheester Egg

Available for £5.00, the cheese egg offers blue spreadable cheese with a packet of oat cakes and chutney. The cheese egg is only available in Asda stores and is suitable for vegetarians.

Try making your own

If you are struggling to find something suitable, you could go the extra mile and create your own homemade Easter eggs or Easter treats.

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