A petition has been launched after supermarket chain Lidl discontinued its High Protein Rolls, a favourite of the low carb community.

Users of our Diabetes Forum will have noticed a dramatic increase in posts relating to these rolls in recent weeks, and understandably so. Low carb bread is practically a paradox among supermarket foods, and often low carbers have to make their own bread using alternative flour sources to wheat.

At less than 10g per serving, Lidl’s High Protein Rolls have been embraced by low carbers, with users anecdotally reporting how beneficial it is for blood sugar levels.

Suffice to say, Lidl’s decision to discontinue the rolls hasn’t gone down well. Users of Mumsnet, Reddit and the Lidl Community have joined Forum users in sharing their disappointment over the decision, and one man has taken matters into his own hands.

Lidl’s High Protein Roll

Mike Crawford’s petition to return the Protein Rolls to Lidl has received 1,529 signatures as of writing. He says:

“Lidl used to have protein rolls that were low carb, amazing for diabetics, weight lifters, people on low carb living diet to name but a few. Recently Lidl have discontinued the roll, leaving lots of people with no other suitable ‘bread’ option in their diet. We only ask they reconsider their decision.”

If you’re currently on the lookout for replacements, visit our Bread Alternatives guide or sign up to our Low Carb Program which features a multitude of low carb bread recipes.

Make sure you roll out this petition to anyone else who has been affected!

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