Bread is relatively high in carbohydrate and calories so some people with diabetes may benefit from using alternatives to bread.

We have come up with some bread alternatives which are super quick and easy, and may be a good option for those looking to manage their blood sugars.

Lettuce wraps

A good substitute for pita bread or tortilla wraps is lettuce. Use the large outer leaves to ensure you have a large enough area to hold the filling.

Lettuce leaves make for a very low carb and low-calorie option, and help towards reaching or exceeding the daily target of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Lettuce leaves may be flimsier than bread or tortillas, so whilst they hold a filling, they are clearly not a close match for bread in terms of taste or texture. Cabbage leaves can be also used as an alternative to lettuce.

Portobello mushroom buns

Large portobello mushrooms can be cooked and used like burger buns. Place one mushroom on the bottom, load up with your favourite fillings and top off with another mushroom.

They can add extra texture and flavour to your burgers whilst still being low carb and helping you get that extra portion of vegetables in.

It may be a slightly messy affair trying to eat it with your hands as mushrooms have a high-water content, so have your knives and forks at the ready.

Bell pepper sandwich

For a sturdier bread alternative, why not sandwich together your fillings with a bell pepper. Slice the pepper in half, de-seed and then use half as the top and half as the bottom.

These are delicious raw as they stay together nicely and add some extra crunch to your lunch, with the bonus of being low calorie and low carb. For a hot sandwich, you could try grilling your peppers first then packing them full of your favourite sandwich fillers.

Cucumber sub

To make a mini low carb sub why not slice a cucumber in half, scoop out the middle and layer in your fillings.

An easy favourite filling is tuna mayo, the cucumber holds it shape well and gives crunch, flavour and bulk to your meal.

Aubergine roll ups

Aubergine is a versatile and tasty vegetable. You can make snack-size roll ups using a thinly sliced, roasted, long piece of aubergine. Simply slice down the whole length of the aubergine and cook until browned and softened. Add in your fillings, roll the aubergine slice around them and you can even add a cocktail stick in the middle to help hold it together.

These are great for bitesize mini bread wrap alternatives.

Almond bread

Those looking to try their hand at cooking bread alternatives can try almond bread. Almond bread is made using almond flour or ground almonds, which has a significantly lower carbohydrate value than wheat flour.

Using eggs together with almond flour will help the bread to hold together. The finished bread will have a consistency that’s a midpoint between bread and cake.

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