The FreeStyle Optium Neo blood glucose meter is the latest offering from Abbott Diabetes Care, intended to simplify testing and help you keep good control over your blood glucose levels.

The Optium Neo passes the ISO 2013 blood glucose meter accuracy standards with 99% of results falling between the required limits.

Acts as a diabetes logbook

The touchscreen device is user friendly and has some great features to help you out.

The Optium Neo will log your glucose readings and remember them, and it can be used to log the insulin doses you take.

By comparing these two sets of data, the Optium Neo meter can help you spot trends in blood glucose levels and help you to correct them before they occur, rather than treating yourself reactively.

The Optium blood glucose and beta ketone test strips are foil wrapped. This helps preserves freshness but can make testing a little fiddlier than taking the strips out of pot.

Optium Neo features

Additional features include:

  • Paper like screen with no glare, and no backlight, meaning reading the screen in bright sunlight is as easy as reading it inside.
  • The large, high contrast display has been designed to be easy to use and easy to see.
  • The device has heavy emphasis on using icons to navigate and access different areas and functions of the system. This makes it easy and intuitive to use.
  • “KET” Ketone testing indicator when recording a 13.3mmol/L glucose level or above
  • Capable of carrying out Ketone tests
  • Blood glucose trend indicators, which can alert patients when they are experiencing hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic trends (low or high blood glucose levels)
  • Downloadable FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software software connects the meter to a computer to get detailed reports to read and print out.

Technical specifications

  • Blood glucose sample size: 0.6 microlitre
  • Blood ketone sample size: 1.5 microlitre
  • Memory: Stores up to 1,000 events –including blood glucose, ketone and control solution readings, and insulin dose logs
  • Batteries: Two CR 2032 lithium batteries (coin cell)
  • Battery Life: Up to 3,000 tests
  • Dimensions: 60 x 87 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 33-37g including batteries
  • Blood glucose measurement range: 1.1 – 27.8 mmol/L
  • Blood ketone measurement range: 0.0 – 8.0 mmol/L

Operating ranges

  • Operating temperature: 10° to 50° C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

Storage ranges

  • Storage temperature: –20° to 60° C

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