Menarini’s Glucomen LX Plus is a blood glucose meter that incorporates a 2-in-1 blood glucose and ketone testing facility.

The ketone testing is particularly useful for insulin users and those who may wish to test their ketone levels.

GlucoMen LX Plus meter advantages

The GlucoMen LX Plus is a no coding meter that provides:

  • Pain free with a unique lancet introducing comfort zone technology
  • Blood test results in 4 seconds
  • Coloured covers to personalize your device
  • 0.3 microlitre sample for easy and comfortable testing
  • Meal markers for controlling your diabetes

The device has a rubber grip, which makes it easy to use and prevents it sliding off surfaces.

Alternative site testing is available for blood glucose tests however ketone testing should be done on the fingers alone.

The Glucoject Duel S lancing device that comes with the meter has Comfort Zone technology designed to reduce pain when testing. A number of different coloured skins are available for use with the meter.

GlucoMen LX Plus ketone testing

High blood glucose results will trigger a warning to test for ketones. Measurements for ketones use a different set of strips which are individually packaged in foil.

MenaDiab diabetes management software

The MenaDiab software allows you to download your results to a PC so you can review your results at a later stage. The data cable is available from Menarini and will connect to your computer via USB connection.

GlucoMen LX Plus test strips

The GlucoMen LX takes GlucoMen LX sensors and GlucoMen LX ß-Ketone sensors.

GlucoMen LX Plus technical details

  • Blood sample size: 0.3uL for glucose, 0.8uL for ketone
  • Time to result: 4 seconds for glucose, 10 seconds for ketone
  • Measurement range: Glucose 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L and Ketone 0.1 – 8.0 mmol/L
  • Haematocrit range: 25-60%
  • Memory: 400 test results
  • Averages: 1, 7, 14 and 30 days
  • Batteries: 3V lithium CR 2450
  • Battery life: Approximately 1,000 tests
  • Dimensions: 58 x 98 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 75g

Operating conditions

  • Temperature: 5 to 45 °C (41 to 113 °F)
  • Humidity: 10 – 90% relative humidity, non-condensing

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