Managing Blood Glucose

Wavesense – Keynote, Keynote Pro

Wavesense –  Keynote, Keynote Pro
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Wavesense Keynote
Keynote, Keynote Pro

Wavesense manufacture and sell a range of blood glucose meters, each of which is designed to help people with diabetes to better manage their condition.

Wavesense Range of Meters

The Wavesense range of meters includes:

  • KeyNote
  • KeyNote Pro
  • Presto
  • Jazz
  • Jazz Wireless

Each of the meters support new technology, giving people with diabetes a wide choice.

The WaveSense technology is a suite of patented biosensor technologies that employ a concept termed Dynamic Electrochemistry to prodive accurate blood glucose readings.

Wavesense meters are produced by AgeMatrix who are a company based in Oxon.

Wavesense Blood Glucose Meters Technical Information

Key Features

  • Key Features
  • No Coding Required
  • Large, backlit digits
  • Glucose variability calculation

Performance Features

  • As fast as 1-2-3® (In some conditions, test may take as long as 12 seconds)
  • 0.5 µL blood sample size
  • Alternate site testing
  • Easy-to-handle test strips
  • End-fill strip instantly fills

Safety Features

  • Units safety lock
  • Automatic marking of control solution
  • Non-slip rubber grips and feet

Data Management Features

  • Mealtime tagging
  • Pre/Post mealtime averages
  • Daily Digest™
  • 7 User-settable alarms
  • Zero-Click™ software
  • 1,865 test memory
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