Vanessa Williams

Date of birth:
March 18, 1963

Tarrytow, NY

Diabetes Type:
Type 1

Vanessa Williams is possibly most well known for having to renounce her title of Miss America pageant winner after she posed nude in Penthouse magazine.

Vanessa is also a Type 1 diabetic.

Since then however she has had a successful singing career and expanded into acting on both Broadway and television most recently playing the role of ‘Willamina’ in the hit TV series Ugly Betty

Charity support

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, Vanessa Williams and her family have supported many diabetes charities.

In particular actor Chris Williams, who is an advocate of the American Diabetes Association

Diabetes doesn’t have to stand in your way!

It would appear this career driven woman has let nothing stand in her way of success especially not her diabetes.

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