Clinical trials and medical research are essential for understanding diabetes and finding new treatments and cure. However sourcing eligible patient volunteers to take part can be challenging, time consuming and costly. Patient Recruitment provides a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to your patient recruitment needs for diabetes and associated medical conditions. We can provide eligible patients based on an agreed selection criteria, avoiding costly and time consuming preliminary eligibility screening.

Our success is based on our ability to reach over 2,000,000 people with diabetes, together with our understanding of our customer’s needs, our expertise in technology and the proven recruitment methods we employ.

How we recruit? is UK’s leading community website for people with diabetes, with over 2,000,000 unique visitors per month and high levels of engagement. We recruit patients through, which provides a rich trustworthy source for patient initiated recruitment in real time.

The Process

The process is very simple and is designed to maximise the results in the shortest possible time. Our team of experienced recruiters and technology experts ensure the agreed criteria is met by taking the potential patient through an online eligibility screening process. The successful patient details are posted to your dedicated inbox in real time.

Our Fees for Patient Recruitment

Our fees are performance related and quoted on a case by case basis and vary according to the complexity of the assignment and the number of filters required for initial screening to enable us to provide you with valid patient leads according to mutually agreed eligibility criteria.

Contact us about Clinical Trial Recruitment or alternatively, contact Charlotte Summers on +443301330307

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