Having diabetes can mean that your insurance premiums are higher, but shop around and you could help to offset the extras charged by the insurance companies.

Diabetes in itself cannot have a bearing on your car insurance policy, however, if your treatment, such as insulin, requires you to have a restricted licence, then it can affect your premium.

Do I need to tell my insurance company that I’m diabetic?

Anyone with diabetes should inform their insurance company that they have diabetes and of any change in either your condition or treatment

Which is the best and cheapest insurance company for diabetic drivers?

Insurance companies tweak their premium calculating models all the time so it’s best to get a number of quotes. A good way to ensure your insurance premiums are kept to a minimum is to shop around for the best quote.

Shopping around for diabetic car insurance

A great way to shop around is to use car insurance comparison sites like MoneySupermarket and GoCompare which will automatically retrieve quotes from dozens of insurance companies. This can save hours of time and will give you a great idea of how much your quote could vary.

Bear in mind that two of the biggest car insurance companies, Aviva and Direct Line will not come up amongst the comparison websites so it’s worth applying for a quote from these two companies separately.

Should I go for the cheapest quote?

The terms of insurance company can be expected to vary from company to company so read through the terms before you purchase the insurance policy.

Always read the small print.

Insurance companies will often give you up to a month to accept a quote, just make sure you note down the quote reference number.

Another point to note is how much excess the insurance companies are offering. If you’re not sure what voluntary and compulsory excess are, it’s advisable to read up on what these are and how they could affect the cost of your claims.

How much do car insurance quotes vary?

It’s not unusual for car insurance quotes to vary from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, which is why shopping around and comparing quotes is thoroughly worthwhile.

Do diabetics pay more for car insurance?

Drivers whose diabetes is treated with insulin will have a ‘restricte license’ (1, 2 or 3 years). Insurance companies will usually ask whether you have a restricted license as those on restricted licenses are perceived to be more of a risk.

As a result, you can expect car insurance premiums to rise on this basis.

Can my insurance company refuse to insure me because of my diabetes?

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, you should not be refused car insurance purely on the basis of your diabetes. However, there could be other reasons for why you may be refused.

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