By Dr Rachel Besser

Diabetes Through The Looking Glass: Seeing Diabetes From Your Child’s Perspective

Class Publishing



Having a child with diabetes can be difficult, and books such as this can be an essential way to understand the condition and help your child cope with being newly diagnosed

Feelings of the child

From the first page onwards, the focus of the book is on the feelings of the child or adolescent, as well as the parents and siblings. There is no attempt to gloss over the reality of diabetes management , but the information in this book could make the impact much easier to bear.

Every chapter goes into specific detail from diagnosis to diabetes complications , providing explanations of the varying stages of diabetes and giving practical tips on how to manage the condition.

Each chapter leads the reader through physiology, background and treatment options, with the information expanded with case studies, drawings and handwritten text to emphasise real world feelings.

The author discussed each section as it comes to a close, offering further guidance to parents.

One of the strongest aspects of this book, and what makes it so addictive, are the views of parents and children who live with diabetes. The real ups and downs of the condition make engaging reading, and the practical, everyday issues make it invaluable.

Support and encouragement

This book provides support and encouragement when those affected by diabetes need it most.

One diabetes healthcare professional who reviewed the book, June James of the University Hospital of Leicester, commented: “I think it should be on the book shelf of all healthcare professionals caring for young people with diabetes.”

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