By Charles Clark and Maureen Clark

The Diabetes Revolution




With the prominence of type 2 diabetes ever increasing and particularly affecting people of a younger and younger age, this book has been labelled groundbreaking in its practical and easy to follow diet and exercise guide.


The fundamentals of the diet plan is the removal of carbohydrates from the diet, this supports mounting evidence that encouraging diabetics to consume carbohydrates is equivalent to encouraging patients with high blood pressure to eat steak and chips three times a day.

Reduce insulin dependency

The Diabetes Revolution has been used to reduce insulin dependency, minimise side effects of medication and lead to successful and stress free management of the condition.


The Diabetes Revolution covers topics such as why people are overweight, lifestyles that can influence diabetes and its management, as well as medical effects of the condition and how they can result in other health complications.

The validity of this book comes in the credentials of its author; Dr Charles Clark is internationally recognised as the authority of diabetes diet, with dedicated clinics in Scotland and England, as well as being the holder of Fellowships from influential medical universities in the United States and Australia.

Many diabetics have been enlightened and seen improvements in their condition and have seized control of their life.

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