Seek Diabetes Awareness


The Seek Diabetes Awareness charity aims to raise awareness of diabetes and diabetes related illnesses in South Asia, African-Caribbean and Middle Eastern communities.

The Seek Diabetes Awareness’ ultimate goal is to take their message to “parts of the world that can’t afford the simple pin prick blood tests, a blood pressure test or even have the knowledge to recognise diabetes symptoms “.

Seek Diabetes Awareness in the community

Seek Diabetes Awareness can often be seen at inter-faith community events in the Midlands and surrounding areas promoting diabetes advocacy with mobile workshops to check people for diabetes or simply to give more information about their condition.

Going forward

Seek Diabetes Awareness are keen to establish free diabetes clinics in third world countries which would provide free medication, checks and advice with trained staff and specialist equipment.

For more information about Seek Diabetes Awareness, call 0845 474 4075

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