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"Poor circulation leads to foot problems – act now!"

The Circulation Booster V3

A staggering 1.6 million people already suffer from Diabetes in the UK; and the rate of Diabetes is surprisingly increasing faster in the UK than in the USA.

One of the most common causes of severe foot problems in the UK is diabetic neuropathy, which basically means lack of feeling in your feet due to nerve damage. As a result you will not be able to feel pain, heat or cold in your feet and lower leg area. If you have a stone in your shoe or if you bruise your toe, you will not feel anything but you may still have a foot injury, which could lead to severe infection and ulcers. Also, poor blood flow or changes in the shape of your feet or toes may also cause problems.

Poor circulation?

If you have poor blood circulation, your feet will not be able to fight off infections and will take longer to heal. The blood vessels of your feet and your lower leg will narrow and harden. It is highly likely that diabetic sufferers will have nerve disease, which means that they will lack any sensation in their lower leg and feet. As a result of these factors, diabetic sufferers are highly prone to ulcers and infections in the feet and the lower leg area.

The Circulation Booster V3 is the perfect solution

Simply sit back, relax and allow The Circulation Booster V3 to work its magic. The Circulation Booster V3 is Class 2a medically certified, and clinically proven to improve blood circulation in your lower legs and feet.

What is the Science behind The Circulation Booster V3?

Your legs contain muscle-driven pumps and one-way valves (known as your 'second heart'), which distribute blood back up through your body. The Circulation Booster V3 applies mild electrical impulses to your feet, which activates your 'second heart', improving blood flow through your lower limbs and reducing fluid retention.

What results can you expect when using The Circulation Booster V3?

  • Reduced aches and pains in the lower leg
  • Lessened swelling in the lower leg
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Heals leg ulcers
  • Keeps your legs and feet stay in great shape

The Circulation Booster V3 is easy to use!

Simply sit back, relax and place your feet onto the large foot pads. The device is mains operated to allow usage longevity. Select the 'sole' button on the device or on the remote control, to increase the intensity level to a comfortable setting. Ensure that you use the Circulation Booster for 30 minutes a day, and you will notice an immediate difference!

What's in The Circulation Booster V3 box?

For only £199 you will receive all of the following (further VAT exemption savings if you suffer from a chronic, long term illness:

  • Circulation Booster V3 device
  • 2 x 2 Electro pads to use for targeted relief
  • Remote control
  • Easy to read instruction
  • 12 month warranty

30 Day Free trial..

No quibble, 30 day money-back guarantee!

Improve your quality of life

The Circulation Booster™ has already provided relief to thousands of people. If you suffer from persistent aches and pains or if you are trying to recover from an injury you may find great relief and genuinely improve your quality of life by using The Circulation Booster.

Try it risk free!

Our confidence in The Circulation Booster™ Home is demonstrated by our 30-day money-back guarantee (Money back guarantee does not apply to any postage and packing fees incurred). If you don't feel the benefits for yourself you can return it within this time for a full refund (excludes P&P).

Don't just take our word for it

The Circulation Booster has been highly recommended by leading cardiovascular surgeon Dr Mark Whitely, and GMTV'S Dr Chris Steele. Daily Mail has also voted Circulation Booster v3 as Top 10 Senior Health Products of 2008.

Buy The Circulation Booster

Ring 0845 871 98 98 today to place your order or go online at www.circulationbooster.co.uk Place your order of The Circulation Booster V3 by 2pm and you'll get it the next day!

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