EndoBarrier Therapy from The National Obesity Surgery Centre, changes the way your body responds to food, dramatically lowering blood sugar and body weight while improving your overall quality of life.

What is EndoBarrier Therapy?

EndoBarrier Therapy uses a medical device, EndoBarrier, to dramatically decrease your blood sugar and body weight at the same time without using medication or surgery to achieve its effect.

The device placement procedure is fast, usually taking less than 30 minutes, there are no incisions or scars and you can go home in a few hours.

EndoBarrier Therapy is completely reversible and can be removed by your doctor in about 15 minutes.

How does the EndoBarrier Therapy work?

Once EndoBarrier is in place, it goes to work immediately and continues around the clock.

It causes the release of natural chemicals produced by your body, called hormones, that reduce your appetite and improve your body’s ability to control blood sugar.

Clinical studies have shown that 87% of patients are able to reach their target blood sugar levels and lose an average 18% of their total body weight by nine months which may lead to a reduction in diabetes-related complications.

EndoBarrier Therapy can result in patients having a reduced reliance on diabetes medications, including insulin.

This effect may delay or prevent the progression to daily insulin injections.

EndoBarrier Therapy is the around-the-clock support that you deserve.  It’s your hidden partner that’s always working hard so you can take back control of your health and enjoy more in life.

Why EndoBarrier Therapy versus other options?

Only EndoBarrier Therapy delivers ALL of these benefits:

  • Revolutionary Device – Mimics the effects of a gastric bypass without surgery or medication to achieve its effect
  • Dual-Action Solution – Dramatically reduces blood sugar and body weight at the same time
  • Non-Surgical Procedure – No incisions or scars and is completely reversible in about 15 minutes
  • Convenient & Discrete – You can go home the same day as the procedure and get back to work in 24 hours.

Is the EndoBarrier Therapy right for me?

EndoBarrier can help people control blood sugar and lose weight.  Are you:

  • Unable to manage your type 2 diabetes with medication or lifestyle modifications?
  • Failing to lose weight through lifestyle changes and/or medications?
  • Not want to have weight loss surgery?
  • Over 18 years of age?

If you responded yes to these questions, you should consider treatment with the EndoBarrier Therapy.

EndoBarrier Therapy is a not for everyone.  It’s for an exclusive group of people who value their health and understand the significant impact that it can have on their lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones.  It’s for people who are committed to continually improving their lives and are willing to make an investment in their future.

It’s important to know that EndoBarrier Therapy is not covered by insurance reimbursement and is priced a little lower than bariatric surgery.  If you place a high value on your health and are committed to changing your life then don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

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