Each year, campaigning around Diabetes Week changes slightly.

Campaigns vary each year, but the essential nature of Diabetes Week is generally to make more people aware of what diabetes is.

In addition, the aim is to dispel diabetes myths and provide people with diabetes with a voice.

Campaigning for awareness

Diabetes UK campaigns on behalf of people with diabetes, and although Diabetes Week is firmly focused on having fun, there’s a serious message behind the scenes.

The Diabetes Week 2022 theme is about making a connection with others with diabetes. This includes discussing diabetes with other people with diabetes to share experiences.

The point is to help you to help others in your life to understand what it means to actually have diabetes.

This Diabetes Week theme may include family and friends Although they may know you have the condition, how much do they really know about diabetes?

Helping understanding

Diabetes Week this year focuses on connecting with people about your diabetes.

How and what…

Diabetes Week this year focuses on how and what to tell people about your diabetes.

This may include what diabetes means to you, what a hypo is and what to do, what treatment you are taking and much more.

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