Diabetes Week is an annual UK-wide initiative devoted to raising awareness of diabetes and raising money to help fund research into the condition.

Set up by British charity group Diabetes UK, this special week is now the annual focal point for all of the charity’s diabetes awareness, campaigning and fundraising activities.

What is Diabetes.co.uk doing for Diabetes Week 2023?

Diabetes Week 2023 takes place from 12 to 18 June.

Countdown to Diabetes Week 2023

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Diabetes Week is an annual nationwide event and will see a massive range of community events, challenges, races and walks and much more.

This year’s theme is all about celebrating you!

Living with diabetes is no easy feat, whether it’s having to keep a constant eye on your blood sugar, being able to eat your favourite foods or remembering to take your daily amount of insulin. At times these things may seem habitual, while at other times they may be challenging, but each day you’re doing them and that’s something worth talking about

We want to hear your inspiring stories about living with diabetes, and we’ll be picking our favourites to be featured across the website.

Two friends, Michael Shelver and Patrick Mertes, climbed 50 US mountains in 50 days, all the while managing their type 1 diabetes. Photo Credit: Project-50-in-50

Perhaps you took on the ultimate challenge and didn’t let your condition hold you back, or maybe you’ve done something slightly more abstract and channelled your diabetes creatively.

Whatever it is, it’s time to put a stop to those myths flying around and show people what living with diabetes is really all about!

Submit your own story or read previous stories from our members here.

James Gilpin distilled his own whisky from the urine of people who have diabetes.

Find out more

Stay tuned to the Facebook, Twitter and Forum to see us showing examples of how the DCUK community are supporting each other when it comes to diabetes, life… and everything else

We will also be raising awareness of diabetes through our Facebook and Twitter pages and offering discounts and special offers on products designed to help make the lives of people with diabetes easier throughout the week.

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