Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week Donating and Fundraising

Diabetes Week Donating and Fundraising

For Diabetes Week 2011, Diabetes UK is particularly focused on raising money to support the expansion of the Diabetes UK Careline

Every year, fundraising may be dedicated to a specific area, with a goal to hit for a successful week.

This year, donations will help Diabetes UK to continue their ever-deepening research into the causes of diabetes with the ultimate goal of preventing and, one day, curing the condition entirely.

Why should I help fundraise?

With the help of fundraisers, Diabetes UK continues to provide support for children and families.

The Diabetes UK Careline, the particular focus of diabetes fundraising during Diabetes Week 2011, helps thousands of people with diabetes each week by providing essential information and emotional support.

Research by Diabetes UK has shown that one of the most important aspects of care for people with diabetes is the ability to reach out for advice from a trained professional.

In this field, the Diabetes UK Careline is absolutely vital.

Receiving 30,000 calls, letters and emails each year shows just how effective Diabetes Careline is in helping people. This Diabetes Week, the goal is to raise £200,000 to help expand the Diabetes UK Careline.

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