Diabetes Week

Walk for Diabetes

Walk for Diabetes

Diabetes Week’s Walk for Diabetes (previously called Walk the Extra Mile and Walk in the Park) are walks for everyone.

With a focus on community, family and fun, Walk for Diabetes events are your opportunity to raise funds for the Diabetes UK

Where does Walk for Diabetes take place?

Diabetes Week – Walk for Diabetes events will take place all over the UK, with listings by region.

People who wish to take part in the Walk for Diabetes events simply need to complete a fast online registration form, and a local race organiser will provide more information.

Whether it’s a short stroll in aid of diabetes or a hill climb, people are also encouraged to launch their own Walk for Diabetes events.

They don’t have to be big or even public events. Walks for diabetes can take place in school , during work , or even as part of your daily life.

Organising your own walk?

People who are interested in organising their own walk are encouraged to get in touch with Diabetes UK.

Walk for Diabetes events will take place in the Midlands, South West, Scotland, London, South East and in many other areas of the UK.

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