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Desang Diary
Desang Diary


Desang’s latest product is the Desang Diary. The Desang Diary is a 64 page diabetes diary for the recording of eating habits.

As anyone knows who has diabetes, there are several pains involved.

One is having insulin injections. One is due to pricking your fingers to get blood out to do tests… and one is writing down your blood test results, which most of us consider a right pain, too!

With many of us aware of how much our diet affects us (for many of us diabetics, we are what we eat and inject). We’re often asked not only to take down blood test results but also to keep a food diary.

Both are combined here in an easy to read, easy to fill i, easy to understand dairy.

Diary booklets

The Desang Diary booklet covers 32 days. Each day has two-pages to view, so that every day has a whole page on which to note down your eating habits.

This will help you to see which foods bring on high blood sugars

Create graphs at a glance

You can check at a glance without relying on your memory or having to revert to your blood test meter to remind you what your readings have been over the last 24 hours or more.

Opposite the food and dose log is a chart on which you can plot where your results go each day, giving you a visual aid to spotting patterns.

More about the Desang Diary

  • Sold in packs of 6 diaries, each diary lasts a month.
  • Price: £4.99, plus P&P
  • Contact: 0870 300 2063

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