Gluco-carry is a glucose-carrying device that attaches to the keys.

From the Gluco-carry website:

“Type 1 diabetics and also type 2 diabetics who are on some medications need to be able to recognise the signs of hypoglycaemia and know how to respond to prevent a ‘hypo’ happening.

To keep blood sugar within normal levels, type 1 diabetics must inject insulin and some type 2 diabetics must take tablets, which work by stimulating the pancreas gland to produce more insulin hormone, which lowers blood sugar (also referred to as blood glucose).

Hypos are caused when blood sugar is too low, and these are usually caused by missing meals, eating less starchy foods than usual, more exercise than normal, too much insulin and drinking alcohol with food.

Typical symptoms of low blood sugar are hunger, trembling, sweating, palpitations, anxiety and irritability, blurred vision, paleness, mood changes, tingling of the lips and loss of concentration. They should be treated by taking 3 glucose tablets immediately and then eating a starchy food, or one of a lower glycaemic index such as a sandwich or a bowl of cereal and milk.

Never Forget, it is recommended that diabetics always carry glucose around with them for emergencies. This is the advantage of owning a Gluco-Carry because wherever you take your keys, the Gluco-Carry will be right there too. It is often easy for a diabetic to forget to carry glucose tablets and sometimes carrying a whole packet is too inconvenient because of its size and shape. If a few loose tablets are put into a pocket then these will very quickly crumble or become dirty. The Gluco-Carry is light, small, holds just enough tablets to bring a diabetic’s blood sugar level back to normal, and it will protect the tablets from damage.

A diabetic can often make it through a typical day without needing to carry glucose tablets on them, except for when those unexpected emergencies occur. If that same diabetic tried to make it through the day without his or her keys, he or she probably wouldn’t make it very far. Most adult diabetics drive or own a homen, so starting a car or opening a front door is something that usually can’t be avoided. For these reasons, a diabetic would be unlikely to forget his or her keys; so attaching glucose tablets to keys would seem like a good idea! Diabetes UK recommends taking 3 glucose tablets in the event of a hypo but the Gluco-Carry holds four in case more is needed.”

  • For more information, please see Gluco-carry.

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