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Frio Carry Cases

Frio Carry Cases

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Frio carry cases
Frio carry cases

Frio cooling wallet carry cases are a simple and convenient way to keep your insulin cool if you need to. There is a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

Check your insulin storage instructions for exact details on the storage needs of your type of insulin, and if you think a safe cool bag is in order, then the Frio bags work without refrigeration – activated by water only – and are re-usable, durable and long lasting.

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As well as carry cases, Frio also provide:

  • Frio® Wallets –  Keep your insulin at a safe temperature even when you don’t have access to a fridge – simply add water!

Available in a choice of sizes and colours.

More information

  • Available direct from Frio,call 01437-741700 or

Frio is the leading brand in insulin protection and transportation. Light and compact, they are a means for diabetics on insulin therapy to transport or store insulin, particularly if traveling to hot climates, keeping insulin at a safe temperature without the need for refrigeration.

In response to Saj – the website claims it will last for about 45 hours in a climate of 38 degrees and that ties in with my experience (at less extreme temperatures) of them lasting about 2 days. But the big advantage of the system is that it’s so easy to recharge – just dunk them in some water for a few minutes and its good to go again. No need to boil it or do anything complicated, just give it a soak.
Posted by Rob on Wednesday, July 25, 2012
How long do the Frio wallets keep the insulin pens cool in a country where the climate is 33 degrees?
Posted by Saj on Tuesday, July 03, 2012
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