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GlucoMen A1c Blood Testing Kit
GlucoMen A1c Testing Kit


Most people with diabetes know about the HbA1c test The GlucoMen A1c performs an A1c test, which is a measurement that can show how well your glucose level has being controlled over a period of months.

This can providing you and your care team some ideas as to your long-term blood glucose control and therefore help you to come up with strategies to improve it, if you need to.

HbA1c tests under clinical conditions

Normally you only get an HbA1c test under clinical conditions. If you attend a hospital, then you’d get the blood get done there.

If you attend your local GP, then you would either have to go and get the necessary blood drawn at the local hospital. Alternatively, if your GP offers the service in their surgery, you would have to book up with the phlebotomist and then make an appointment to see your GP a few weeks later, when the results come in. It can all be a bit of a carry-on.

Most diabetics are lucky to get this insightful test 3 or 4 times a year.

HbA1c test at home

Some GPs save costs by not doing these tests. For those who want to know their HbA1c then there is an alternative – you can buy a one-off GlucoMen A1c test.

This is an easy to do alternative way of getting this result. You can administer the ‘test’ at home. Instead you need to request this test and it is mailed to you in the post. But this is not a blood test meter You need to do a finger-prick, then put two blobs of ‘ladybird-sized’ blood onto a special piece of paper in the kit, wait for it to then mail the test back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Either you, or a nominated healthcare professional , will get your result within approximately 48 hours.

Available on prescription

An GlucoMen A1c test kit should cost around £16.95 from pharmacies – you may need to phone ahead to be sure they have one in for you when you go, the product code is GA700S. Or you can ask your GP to order you one on prescription – PIP code 9255532.

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