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help:blood pressure
help:blood pressure

Works With Water

help: blood pressure is designed to bridge the gap between nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs, incorporating the best of both worlds: natural ingredients with clinically proven health benefits.

Apparently as many as 40% of UK adults – over 16 million people – currently suffer from high blood pressure (a condition often called hypertension).

High blood pressure

There are no obvious symptoms that indicate a person has high blood pressure although untreated hypertension can cause kidney damage , and raises the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

100% natural ingredients

It contains 100% natural ingredients including dairy peptides – bioactive proteins extracted from milk by using advanced scientific methods – that have been proven to deliver results after a minimum period of four weeks.

All health claims are supported by clinical studies. Suitable for vegetarians , diabetics & lactose intolerant people. Gluten Free.

help: blood pressure is water-soluble

help: blood pressure is water-soluble, so it can be dissolved in water or other non-carbonated beverages and soft foods Recommended instructions are to take a sachet of help: blood pressure twice a day added to your favourite drink or soft food for a minimum of six weeks for best possible results.

You should see an improvement of their blood pressure reading after six weeks of twice-daily use of help: blood pressure.

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