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Novofine Needle Remover

Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Novofine Needle Remover
Novofine Needle Remover
Novo Nordisk

The Novofine Needle Remover is a special cap fits over the needle on the end of your insulin pen and neatly grips it so you can twist it off without having to use your fingers directly.

Eject the needle straight out

Once the needle is off, you press a button on the needle remover to eject the needle which pops out, ideally straight into a sharps bin that you have to hand.

Avoid accidental finger pricks

You can therefore avoid any possibility of an accidental finger pricks (what are often referred to as an accidental ‘needlestick’) when changing needles

This is an excellent item for children or those with dexterity issues.

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