Omnipod Insulin Pump

Insulet was founded in 2000 by a father whose son was living with type 1 diabetes, on a mission to free him from the burden of multiple daily injections.

The first design was sketched on a napkin, and the team set about creating a tubeless, wearable Pod that would deliver insulin without the long tubing used on traditional insulin pumps.

Omnipod 5

Insulet received FDA clearance for the first Omnipod Insulin Management System in 2003.

The company has continued to make advancements in diabetes technology ever since, inspired by the Podder® community and driven by its commitment to reducing the burden and decision fatigue of living with type 1 diabetes.

Insulet’s fifth iteration, the Omnipod® 5 hybrid-closed loop system, introduced automated insulin delivery to its users.

Omnipod tubeless insulin pump therapy is now available in 24 countries, simplifying life for those living with type 1 diabetes in the UK and beyond.

Omnipod 5 is the first tubeless automated insulin delivery system integrated with the Dexcom G6 CGM for people with type 1 diabetes aged 2 and above.

Its SmartAdjust™ technology automatically increases, decreases, or pauses basal insulin every 5 minutes, based on your customised target — helping to protect against highs and lows, day and night.*

It offers an Activity feature that when enabled, reduces insulin delivery when glucose typically goes low, for example when exercising. It’s the only automated insulin delivery system with a built-in SmartBolus calculator that automatically incorporates your insulin on board, CGM value AND trend, so you don’t have to do the maths.

Features include:

  • Tubeless: Forget the tubes of traditional insulin pumps
  • Wearable: Place the Pod almost anywhere you’d normally inject insulin
  • Waterproof‡: Wear your Pod in the shower, swimming pool or sea!
  • Lightweight: The Pod weighs just 25g without insulin
  • Discreet: Deliver your bolus insulin with just a few finger taps.
  • Precise: Say goodbye to half units and deliver customisable doses in 0.05 unit increments
  • Needle-free: Automated cannula insertion means you never see a needleTubeless –so no catching tubing on doors or worrying about bubbles within tubing

Each wearable Pod continuously delivers insulin for up to three days (72 hours), and holds up to 200 units of insulin.

‡The Pod has a waterproof IP28 rating for up to 7.6 metres for 60 minutes. The PDM / Controller is not waterproof. The Dexcom G6 Sensor is water resistant when the transmitter is installed properly. The receiver is not water resistant or waterproof and can be damaged if moisture gets inside.

*When used in automated mode with Dexcom G6 CGM, the Omnipod 5 System makes adjustments to insulin delivery every 5 minutes based on the user’s current CGM value, glucose values predicted 60 minutes in the future, glucose trend, and past insulin delivery to bring glucose to a user defined target. You still have to bolus for meals and correction doses.

How does Omnipod Pod Therapy work?

The tubeless, wearable disposable insulin Pod remains at the core of both Omnipod® Insulin Management Systems.

The Pod is a small device that you fill with insulin and wear directly on your body, receiving insulin delivery instructions from the Personal Diabetes Manager (Omnipod DASH) or Controller (Omnipod 5). It delivers personalised insulin doses into your body through a small, flexible tube called a cannula. The PDM or Controller allows you to change your settings, customise your doses, activate and deactivate Pods, calculate your carbs, deliver bolus insulin quickly and discreetly – and so much more.

Technical specifications


  • Min basal increments: 0.05 units
  • Max basal dose: 30 units per hour
  • Min bolus increments: 0.05 units
  • Max bolus dose: 30 units
  • Basal programs: Up to 7
  • Basal rates per program: 1 to 24
  • Dimensions: 52 x 39 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Reservoir: 200 units
  • Water protection: IPX8 protects against the effects of immersion in water at depths of up to 7.6 m for up to 60 minutes

Operating conditions:

  • Temperature: 4.4° C to 40° C
  • Humidity range: 20–85%, noncondensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: 696 hPA to 1060 hPA

Storage conditions:

  • Temperature: 0° C to 30° C
  • Humidity range: 20–85% non-condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: 696 hPA to 1060 hPA

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