Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Self Test Blood Glucose Level Test
Self Test Blood Glucose Level Test


The Self Test Blood Glucose Level Test lets you do a test in your own home that will show if you might have diabetes

At that point, you can decide to talk to your GP for further advice and a further test that might need to be done either at the GP surgery or local hospital.

Does a positive result mean I have diabetes?

The result does not prove you have diabetes, but shows that you should look into it further. The test requires 1 drop of blood but the results are fast and reliable and you will get a result within two minutes.

The test can detect levels of blood glucose ranging between 1-55mmol/l , which is very broad. ‘Normal’ is deemed to be anything between 3.8-7.8mmol/l.

What’s in the box?

The kit included in the box includes:

  • x2 test strips
  • x2 colour charts
  • x2 lancets
  • x2 plasters – though you should not need to use these necessary, as it’s only a small blood test) as well as full instruction leaflet.

Left undetected and untreated, diabetes can lead to damage to the body.

It’s often called the ‘silent killer’ as it often goes undetected, therefore early detection of high glucose levels in the blood are very helpful in diagnosing the condition which should lead to far improved chances of avoiding damage.

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