DAFNE is an educational course for managing type 1 diabetes, giving diabetic patients the necessary skills to administer the right amount of insulin for the amount of carbohydrate you choose to eat.

The aim of the DAFNE course is to improve health outcomes for type 1 diabetics, by providing well-structured information and guidance.

The DAFNE programme is continually developing and improving.

What is the DAFNE course?

DAFNE is a method of managing type 1 diabetes for adults. DAFNE stands for Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating

The primary goal of DAFNE is to help diabetics live the most normal life possible, whilst keeping blood glucose levels stable and lowering the risk of diabetes complications.

What does a DAFNE course entail?

There are a number of questions often asked about the DAFNE course which are detailed below.

How long is a DAFNE course?

DAFNE is a 5-day training course, with a follow-up 8 weeks after the course finishes.

How many people are in a DAFNE course?

Groups of 6-8 participants are given guidance by educators trained in DAFNE, allowing patients to learn by experience and practice the key skills of estimating carbohydrate and adjusting insulin dose.

So I won’t do DAFNE alone?

Usually, DAFNE is conducted as part of a group. Patients can share their experiences, but also speak with DAFNE Educators privately about their individual circumstances.

Will I have to change everything?

One of the core goals of DAFNE is to allow people to fit diabetes within their current lifestyle, rather than making huge lifestyle adjustments for their diabetes.

How do I get on a DAFNE course?

DAFNE is offered throughout the UK and ROI, 77 different diabetes centres offer the course. However, DAFNE is currently only offered by diabetes units that have DAFNE trained educators and doctors, and private DAFNE courses are not yet available.

Ask your health team about the opportunities to be booked onto a DAFNE course.

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