Sweets can be addictive and it takes a strong will, even for adults to take just a few sweets when dozens are available.

So what can be done to control the urge to eat more sweets than is sensible?

We present a few tricks that will help you treat yourself without diabetes having the last laugh.

Take a sweetie bag

Measure out a distinct amount of sweets that you will stick to over the course of the evening and set a rule to collect sweets but not try them until November.

To improve the chances of this ‘trick’ being successful, ensure the bag of sweets for the evening includes some real favourites.

Have a set number of sweets per house or street

Setting a rule for the number of sweets that can be eaten per house or street is another way of keeping blood sugar levels under some control.

The rule might be to have 1 sweet every 2 houses or 3 sweets for completing a street’s worth of houses.

Pick a sensible rule that will fit in with the insulin taken and the walking that will be done.

Take a substitute for sweets

It’s possible to have fun treats that are not such a concentrated source of sugar. Sugar free sweets, popcorn and nuts are some alternative options that are available.

Read more on lower sugar treats for Halloween.

Get friends on your side

Peer pressure is one of the biggest threats to keeping good blood sugar levels on a night like this. If you can convince your friends not to encourage you to eat too much, you’ve one less battle to contend with.

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