A twice daily insulin regimen, sometimes referred to as conventional insulin therapy, may be suitable for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Twice daily regimens work on the assumption that you will have 3 meals each day.

What is a twice daily insulin regimen?

On a twice daily insulin regimen, you will inject a mixture of a shorter acting insulin and intermediate acting insulin at two different times of the day, before breakfast and before dinner.

The shorter acting may be either short acting insulin or a rapid acting insulin.

Mixing insulin

The mixture of a shorter acting insulin and intermediate insulin may be achieved in one of two ways. Either by using a pre-mixed insulin or by mixing the insulin manually.

Pre-mixed insulin

Pre-mixed insulin will state the ratio of the mix of short and intermediate acting insulin.

For example, Insuman Comb 25 is a pre-mixed insulin which is 25% short acting insulin and 75% intermediate acting insulin. Pre-mixed insulin may be administered using a syringe or with an insulin pen

Manually mixed insulin

If you need to mix the insulin manually, this will be done using a syringe. You will need to draw up the shorter acting insulin first before drawing up the intermediate insulin. Your health team will fully instruct you on how to draw up the insulin.

Twice daily insulin regimen in type 1 diabetes

A twice daily regimen in type 1 diabetes may be suitable if someone has a regular daily routine that includes three main meals at similar times each day.

A twice daily regimen may be appropriate for school children as injections can be given before and after school without the need for an injection during lunch.

For people that follow a less regular daily routine, a basal-bolus insulin regimen may be more appropriate.

Twice daily insulin regimen in type 2 diabetes

A twice daily insulin regimen may be recommended for people with type 2 diabetes who experience significantly high blood glucose levels after eating.

People with type 2 diabetes on twice daily insulin regimes may also take tablets in addition to insulin.

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