Bob Scheidt, told at age 17 that he’d only live 25 years, is about to complete an epic 9’000 mile journey around the furthest reaches of the USA.
When he was diagnosed as type 1, Scheidt was told to take it easy in order to live longer. Being athletic could speed up his diabetes, the doctors said. Scheidt, not one to be daunted, embarked on his journey to prove them wrong. His adventure around the perimeter of America has taken nine years. Scheidt reportedly said ‘now, of course, exercise is a key component in controlling the disease.’
Walking with an insulin pump permanently attached to his shorts, Scheidt is currently between Hilton Head island (where he walked and cycled the perimeter) and St. Augustine. He has termed his voyage: ‘Adventure on the Rim of American, a spiritual journey for teaching and learning about diabetes.’
Scheidt walks entirely for charity. His trips are mostly funded by corporate sponsors, and anything remaining he donates. He currently takes between six and nine weeks off from his employment per year in order to raise money for diabetes. Scheidt’s major goal, however, is to inspire other diabetes sufferers to get out and exercise. At 50, he has six continents left to cover.

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