New insulin methods to treat diabetes

An eagerly awaited report issued today by the ABPI (the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) highlights the extent to which pharmaceutical companies are investigating insulin delivery methods, in order to control their diabetes. The report further summarises a number of new compounds being developed in order to combat the effects of diabetes.
Exciting research detailed includes: an insulin powder that can be inhaled, an inhaler system that delivers liquid insulin, a transdermal (that absorbs into the bloodstream through the skin) patch, and an insulin spray that is delivered to the mouth. Oral insulin, already in use in parts of the world, is rapidly becoming an affordable reality.
The research should give hope to diabetes sufferers who are sick of self-injection and the detrimental effects it has on their lifestyle. New modes of delivery could rapidly improve diabetes quality of life.
With UK figures for diabetes sufferers currently expected to be as large as 2 million, the research will affect an enormous number of people. The pharmaceutical industry in the UK seems to be doing its best to find new and improved ways to make life more bearable for patients. The new findings will be detailed in a booklet entitled Target Diabetes

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