Oral insulin delivery one step closer

Another recent advance in the creation of an oral insulin delivery system is making news in India. The company Transgene Biotek Ltd, in conjunction with the Pharmacology Division of the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, were pleased to announce their positive results.
They were testing at a pre-clinical level for the efficiency of insulin delivered in liquid form as oral drops. The trials also revealed a breakthrough in the administration of hepatitis B medication.
Significantly for diabetes sufferers, the oral insulin was shown to reduce blood glucose levels, and maintain insulin levels for up to 24 hours. This extended period of time is an enormous success, and has wide-ranging implications for reducing insulin dosage, allowing patients to manage their diabetes easier and have a better lifestyle.
Transgene Biotek, armed with data from these pre-clinical trials, aim to swiftly accelerate their testing into clinical trials in both India and Europe. The management of Biotek is also in discussion with an enormous pharmaceutical company to out-license their oral insulin delivery system.
The results of several recent ground-breaking studies display the possibility that oral insulin will become increasingly common as a treatment for diabetics across the globe.

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