The world can be a hard place to live in especially if you are battling against 90 miles an hour winds, extreme altitudes, deadly avalanches and weather where it never gets above freezing.
Most people couldn’t cope in such conditions or wouldn’t put themselves at risk deliberately but for one person climbing mountains in such conditions are part of a normal day.
Will Cross is a world class athlete and also has Type 1 diabetes. He is pursuing his dream of becoming America’s first diabetic person to conquer the North and South Pole and the Seven Summits on each continent.
Cross has just climbed to the top of Summit number five, Mount Elbrus in Russia which stands at 18,481 feet high on 26 September 2005. He was helped on his trek by a natural tea specially, for diabetics that stabilises blood sugar levels. The tea is made by FulLife Natural Options’ and is called Charantea. With a thermos full of Charantea, Cross has never let diabetes get in the way of his climbing.
Blood sugar levels can fluctuate wildly when at high altitudes. This can be dangerous to an average person but for someone with diabetes it can be deadly. Cross therefore relies on physical training, good nutrition and Charantea to maintain his blood sugar levels.
Charantea comes in teabag form and capsules. It is made from 100 per cent dried Ampalaya fruits which is also known as bitter melon. This fruit lowers blood sugar levels, improves circulation and increases energy.
Cross is not far from achieving his goal. He has reached the peak of Mounts McKinley, Kilimanjaro, Vinso, Kosciusko, The South Summit of Everest and the South Pole.
Even though Cross has achieved so much as a mountain climber, his greatest challenge is to show that the limits of diabetes can be overcome by eating a healthy diet and drinking Charantea. Cross is a motivational speaker and he is also living proof that life doesn’t have to be restricted because of diabetes.
Will Cross is an inspiration to us all, sufferers of diabetes or not. Nothing should hold back your ambition for life.
Charantea is a product of FulLife Natural Options, for more information please visit

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