Diabetes Test Failing for Asians

Experts are concerned that a diabetes test is failing to detect the disease in thousands of diabetic Asians who may not know they have the condition, a study said today.
Researchers at Hong Kong Chinese University have declated that the test which works well with Caucasians is not suited to Asian subjects.
“Although (the test) is often used to diagnose diabetes, increasing data suggest that this value is not sensitive enough to detect (the disease) especially in the Oriental population,” said the statement.
“It’s possible people have been tested and given the all-clear but could be carrying the illness,” Chan Wing-bu, part of the university research team, told AFP.
Chan said the differences in reactions among ethnic groups was baffling.
The study tested 230 Hong Kong people with high blood pressure, discovering 25% were undiagnosed diabetics.
Diabetes impacts upon the level of blood-sugar, the essential fuel needed to provide the natural energy that keeps us alive.
Patients with diabetes can develop other ailments such as heart disease or kidney disease.

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