Diabetes Care Crucial as Diabetes Soars

American health officials state that Type 2 diabetes and Americans are getting heavier every year.
Obesity, “pre-diabetes”, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance are related conditions, if treated with diet, fitness and education could prevent full-blown Type 2 diabetes.
Those with pre-diabetes have 1 times greater likelihood of dying from cardiovascular disease and those with diabetes have a two to four times greater risk of dying because of heart disease. In fact, those with diabetes are at the same risk level as someone who has already suffered a heart attack.
Diabetes is and epidemic in the USA, with 18 million Americans having been diagnosed with diabetes and 41 million others having been diagnosed with a condition far more prevalent than diabetes itself — pre-diabetes.
Diabetes education programmes run at medical centers across the USA and are aimed at prevention and diabetes self-management. They teach you to excerise properly and eat well.
Life insurance is also crucial for diabetics. At www.diabeticlifeinsurance you can ensure that you get the life insurance to suit you.

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