Carpal Tunnel could predict diabetes

Carpal Tunnel Syndromen, a rare nerve and tendon swelling condition that has similar symptoms to diabetic neuropathy, may actually precede diabetes.
The carpal tunnel is found in the wrist, and when affected by carpal tunnel syndrome it can lead to numbness, tingling and even pain in the forearm, the hand or the fingers.
Associations between the two conditions have been made, because people with diabetes are more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. However, researchers at King’s College London are looking to see whether carpal tunnel syndrome occurs before diabetes develops, during the pre-diabetic stage.
The patients have investigated nine years of medical records, and over 7,000 patients. Their findings appear in the latest issue of Diabetes Care and conclude that there is no proof that carpal tunnel syndrome causes diabetes.
However, the study does show that high blood sugar levels and further metabolic inconsistencies can have a large influence on the body many years before diabetes is actually diagnosed.

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