The influence of herbs and supplements on blood sugar levels and consequently diabetes is becoming more accepted by conventional medicine. Certainly, some herbs can be useful in keeping blood sugar down. However, one herb also has a large influence on weight gain, according to a clinical trial in the US.
Apparently, Chromium Picolinate, when combined with a common anti-diabetic medication, could actively improve blood sugar levels as well as slashing weight gain by as much as 60 per cent. A researcher involved in the study said: “The results further support that chromium may serve as a safe and effective adjunct to medication in helping people with type-2 diabetes improve their blood sugar control. In patients who take sulfonylurea to control elevated blood sugar, weight gain is common. However, the study findings show that weight gain was less with use of supplemental chromium.”
Chromium is a common trace mineral that occurs naturally in small quantities in some foods (cheese, whole grain bread, cereals, etc.) Chromium is known to have a heavy influence on carbohydrate, fat and protein . Chromium Picolinate is apparently easier to absorb than other forms of mineral.
The study furthers positive reports that closely link chromium supplements with better control of diabetes. The study was presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology in San Diego .

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