Diabetes test developer named as first biotech centre tenant

A new $1 billion public-private research campus in North Carolina will play host to the developer of a new diabetes test.
The BioMarker Group, based in Winston-Salem helped to develop a popular test known as GlycoMark.
The billionaire David Murdock is setting up the 350-acre biotechnology centre. The opening will bring thousands of jobs to the area, and also offers the glimpse of cutting edge breakthroughs. Unfeasible amounts of high-end technology are to be collected at the centre. The goal of the centre is for researchers to develop resources on nutrition and other issues related to health .
Murdock said: “We will only be limited at this campus and at this core lab by the dreams that the scientists … can dream. We are going to put out publications that will tell you what you should eat.”
The new centre will house specialty equipment, lab space and even temporary homes for researchers from the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina State University .
Murdock has already put together a $100 million venture capital fund in order to attract biotech firms to the campus. Despite the enormous costs of the project, both the county and Murdock feel sure that the project will be a success.

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