Galvus diabetes drug pending approval in EU

The famous Swiss drug group Novartis said on Thursday that they had submitted their notorious oral diabetes drug Galvus to European authorities for approval to treat people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Data that the company included with the application apparently shows a significant long-term influence on the control of blood sugar levels .
Oral treatment for type 2 diabetes is set to become an incredibly lucrative market, with Novartis and Merck both pushing for supremacy. Both Galvus and Merck’s Januvia have been touted as potential £1 billion-a-year plus earners.
The drugs are part of a new phase in diabetes treatment known as DPP-IV inhibitors. They work to enhance the body’s own reduced ability to lower blood sugar. The drugs are apparently set to become a popular treatment for the oral anti-diabetes market. They are not associated with weight gain, which is a major side effect of many standard diabetes drugs.
The race to get the product to market is mirrored in the US, where the FDA are currently deciding on action.

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