Exercise once again shown to reduce diabetes risk

Another study has highlighted the direct influence between physical activity and diabetes. Those people who adopted a healthy lifestyle involving physical exercise were shown to live for longer and in better health than those who did not.
The survey utilised findings from the Framingham Heart Study, conducted in Framingham, Massachusetts. The study tracked over 5000 residents for Framingham for an extended period of their lives, and aimed to link diabetes, life expectancy and physical activity.
The report was conducted by researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and their conclusions were that increasing levels of physical activity is directly comparable to lower incidences of diabetes. Life expectancy for both diabetics and non-diabetics was also shown to decrease the more sedentary a lifestyle was.
The team of researchers concluded the study, published in Diabetes Care in January, by stating that even moderate exercise can extend life-span and decrease risk of diabetes development.

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