Syndrome X early diabetes indicators

An American health expert has indicated that many Americans who believe that they are in perfectly good health, are actually suffering from at least three of the five major contributing factors that lead to diabetes and heart disease. Having three of these factors puts a patient into a serious health risk. Experts are calling for patients to find out if they are suffering from these conditions, and to take every possible step to reduce them before it is too late.
This collection of risk factors is commonly termed metabolic syndromen, and is also known as syndrome X. Five key factors have emerged as being indicative of having metabolic syndrome:
– High blood pressure over 135/35
– High blood sugar over 100
– Obesity or large waistline
– Low levels of good cholesterol
– High levels of Triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood.
Having one of these factors is not perceived as being problematic, but when combined they become a serious risk. Experts have warned that the factors are mutually reinforcing, and massively increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome should be seen as a complex way of the body warning that things are not right and may be caused by environmental triggers such as diet and lifestyle as well as genetic pre-conditioning.

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