The diabetes problem in America is reaching pandemic proportions. An already ailing healthcare service, facing funding cuts by the government and overburdened by patients, is facing a difficult future. Although obesity figures vary, it is certain that enormous numbers of Americans have metabolic syndrome (sometimes called syndrome x), and will develop diabetes. Healthcare methods and approaches are constantly evolving to tackle the problem, and to care for America’s diabetic population.
In New York City, a new approach has been suggested that is raising controversy in the USA. The plan is for the government to monitor the blood sugar levels of the diabetic population, in en masse reports from laboratories around the city to the health department. This centralised authority will utilise the data, and keep a tab on doctors and patients.
Opinion amongst health experts is divided. Some triumph the plan as a major step in increasing healthcare. Others disagreen, and along with privacy groups and ethicists claim that the measures infringe on confidentiality, and represent intrusion by the government.
Traditionally, the American government has tracked patients with infectious diseases such as Aids and malaria. However, the new plans are the first time a chronic disease has been subject to the same regulation. Patients are already expressing concern over the ideas.

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