New American diabetes book

A new diabetes book published by the Joslin Diabetes Centre in Bosto, American, promises to provide a ‘road map’ for the diabetes journey. The book aims to be useful to patients who are diabetic, their families and their friends in choosing the most healthy and appropriate diet possible.
The author of the book is called Amy Campbell, a dietician who works at Joslin. The famous diabetes centre is a not-for-profit institution that has strong links with Harvard Medical School. The book is apparently thick with charts and diagrams that easily explain key diabetes diet recommendations.
The book includes topics of major importance such as carbohydrate counting, the glycaemic index, eating out, drinking alcohol, taking vitamin and mineral supplements, eating when ill, and label reading and shopping for food.
The author, in describing her book, said: “No foods are forbidden for people with diabetes. You can have a piece of cake on your birthday or go out to dinner, but you need to know how to count carbohydrates and sometimes limit certain foods to stay in the best of health .”

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