New FDA drug approvals

The powerful American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are acting on several major diabetes drugs. Pharmaceutical companies Merck and Co, and Takeda Limited are both awaiting decisions on experimental drug therapies for diabetes.
Merck and Co. Inc. announced the news on Monday that US regulators have accepted their experimental diabetes Januvia/metformin combo for review. The decision by the FDA is expected by March 2007, at which point the drug, known as MK-0431A will be begin the process for release.
Takeda, the growing pharmaceutical company, announced on Monday that the FDA has approved the drug duetact for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Duetact combines Actos and Glimepiride into a single tablet. Actos works to improve insulin resistance, whereas Glimepiride increases insulin production by the pancreas.
The president of Takeda North America spoke out, saying: “Takeda is committed to developing optimal treatment options for healthcare providers and their patients. Duetact is another sign of that commitment by offering a new and convenient option for people with type 2 diabetes and another important new addition to the ACTOS portfolio .”
The movement by the FDA could signal the start of the next wave of diabetes drugs.

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