Dia-B researching into anti-diabetes drug compound

Dia-B, the Melbourne based biotech group who have enjoyed a steadily growing reputation for innovatio, are preparing to commence clinical trials of its new ISF402 anti-diabetes compound. Initial trials of the compound has revealed that it is effective in lowering blood glucose levels .

The Company will now undergo the strict process to be granted regulatory approval to advance to Phase 1 human trials. Before this, mandatory animal toxicity studies must first be carried out in August .
The Chairman of Dia-B, Dr. Michael Wooldridge, reportedly said that: “Dia-B is excited with the progress of ISF402 as an oral drug that can enhance insulin action to reduce glucose in the blood stream of the body, and to potentially benefit type 2 diabetes sufferers world wide. Initial animal sighting studies showed no toxicity, and Dia-B is confident that ISF402 will be ready for human trials in the final quarter .”
Both rabbits and rats have been the subjects of toxicity studies, and both have been successful. The compound ISF402 has been found to have significant impacts on lowering blood glucose.

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