Diabetes rife in Kuwait

Diabetes is rife in Kuwait . According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), diabetes in the country has now reached an ‘epidemic level.’ Approximately 26 per cent of the population of Kuwait now suffer from diabetes or its implications.
In response to the problem, Sheikh Amir is to open the Dasman Centre for Research and Treatment of Diabetes. The centre is set to be the largest research and treatment facility for diabetes in the whole of the Middle East . The facility is enormous, housing nine stories .
The facility is equipped with cutting edge equipment, and is connected to other specialised centres around the world. There will be data centres, a physical fitness centre, labs, specialised clinics and a shaded roof area. An international specialised company is going to run the facility for the first three years, although the ministry will supply staff and resources . The facility will host training for doctors and nurses, in theory leaving the centre in their hands after the three-year period.

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