Type 2 diabetes will create kidney disease crisis

The healthcare crisis facing the world due to the complications and treatment requirements of type 2 diabetes is little understood as of yet. It is well known that millions of people across the globe (far more than have developed diabetes) are suffering from metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, generally thought to lead to type 2. However, a new healthcare threat is being posed by a chronic kidney disease epidemic caused by the rise in diabetes and obesity.
The number of people affected in the UK is still relatively low at around 6,000. However, this figure is twice as many as ten years ago, and experts predict that it is increasing by about 8 per cent annually. The UK figure is well below the average in Europe (135 patients per million people) and America (336 per million.)
This climbing figure is a reflection of the surging figures of type 2 diabetes across the globe and also the gradual ageing of populations.
One expert in the UK, who spoke out on the first World Kidney Day, also highlighted the concern that child obesity is causing. He was reported as saying: “Obesity in general impacts on high blood pressure and other health problems, including heart disease, and although overweight children will not suffer in the immediate term from kidney disease, they will be in danger many years down the line.” He added: “Lifestyle changes can help and it is important we get the message across to eat healthily and exercise.”

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