Italy faces diabetes rise

Diabetes has a diverse concentration across the globe, with major epicentres in America and Asia . The problem is also unfolding rapidly in Europen, with recent European Union concern over the disease. Diabetes is now soaring in Italy with doctors blaming obesity, according to a new study by the AMD (Italian Association of Diabetes Doctors.)
The study included a variety of statistics. Registered cases of type 2 diabetes are apparently climbing by 7 to 10 per cent per year. The study analysed data from 121,000 patients, allowing a comprehensive set of conclusions to be drawn. Overall, diabetes has doubled in the past ten years, and now affects 4.5 per cent of the Italian population.
One physician in Italy was reported as blaming the disease on obesity and the increasing spread of sedentary lifestyles, a surprising revelation for a country where health is traditionally a part of diet and life . The problems come from younger generations, microwave meals and fast food . Obesity was found to be common amongst Italian type 2 sufferers.
The data was collected from over 80 centres around the country, prompting the same expert to comment that the news wasn’t all bad. “The higher rates are also down to the fact that general practitioners are sending increasing numbers of patients to our centres,” he said.

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