New Zealanders get a diabetes warning

An impending healthcare crisis is made all the more evident by the presence of fat New Zealanders, according to a diabetes expert from the United Kingdom called David Kerr. The physician, who is based in Bournemouth, was speaking at the annual scientific meeting of the New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes in Palmerston North.
The controversial but truthful comments were unveiled to an audience of over 200 diabetes professionals, gathered to discuss the future of management for the 200,000 odd diabetics in the country. Dr Kerr raised several points, some based on his own observation of overweight people in New Zealand . He also raised the need for prevention, despite his personal focus on the management of diabetes.
Kerr was reported as saying that “people with diabetes are living with a chronic, incurable, miserable condition from which there are no holidays, and self-discipline is an important part of treatment.”
In New Zealand it is estimated that if diabetes management could be provided with $40 million per year, savings of $1 billion would result from 2021 onward, according to Diabetes New Zealand. They raised the importance of persuading politicians to take a similar long-term view.

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