Diabetes runs riot across the globe

Even ten years ago the idea of an international diabetes epidemic would have been discarded as hype. In just one short decade the world has universally become affected by the disease that is threatening healthcare resources everywhere. Diabetes has run riot across the globe, affecting millions, many of whom do not even know that they have the disease.
Diabetes hotspots throughout the world are becoming linked as the disease spreads rapidly on despite the best efforts of health professionals . American, once the diabetes capital of the world, now sits behind India and China . It is expected that one in every six American people are now pre-diabetic with a very real risk of developing the disease. Some estimates indicate that one in every three American children born after 2000 will develop metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
Regular screening is the key to early interventio, and the spread of awareness is crucial in the fight against the disease. If type 2 diabetes can be caught early, the condition can often be kept at bay using diet and exercise . If not, medication and eventually insulin will be necessary. People with a greater than average risk of diabetes include overweight and obese, people with a family history of diabetes, high cholesterol levels and hypertension. Some ethnic minorities are also particularly prone to developing the disease.

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